Rottweiler Club of New Mexico

On 01/23/1993, The Rottweiler Club of New Mexico (RCNM) was established by a dedicated group of Rottweiler enthusiasts. Our goals are to preserve, promote, and protect this wonderful breed. We are the only American Kennel Club member club in New Mexico for Rottweilers.

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Why Are We Here?

We want to make a difference. A positive difference in our lives, our member’s lives, and in the lives of all Rottweilers we touch.

Making a difference can be hard, but lots of time it’s easy. A smile and a kind word often make an instant difference in people and dogs. Be friendly, particularly to new people and dogs. Trust that they just want to be with you, share their life with you, and perhaps become a companion.

Making a difference means creating good teams. Teams need to understand what’s at stake, the tools at hand, the path ahead, and the will to succeed.

Making a difference means creating trust. When we get overwhelmed, or frustrated, or disappointed we can draw on that trust to ask for help or someone to listen or a shoulder to cry on.

Making a difference means we don’t judge. Judgement divides us from each other and from our dogs. Let’s leave the judging in the ring.

Thank you for serving your other members and the New Mexico community of Rottweilers. You are making the difference.

Who We Are

The Rottweiler Club of New Mexico (RCNM) is a AKC licensed club, serving the owners and Rottweilers of New Mexico. We educate, train, coach, and practice ethical behaviors in breeding, responsible ownership, sportsmanship, and competition.

We believe in and encourage others to accept the standard of the breed as approved by The American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which Rottweilers shall be judged.

We also believe in fun and fellowship with our owners and their dogs. We understand that Rottweilers enjoy life best when they are tasked to work. An achieving dog is a happy dog.

If you’ve been looking for a place where you and your Rottie are welcome and happy, the RCNM might be the just the spot.