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We recently said goodbye to our beautiful and talented Rottweiler Cole in March.  He would have been 14 on May 1st.

Cole excelled in obedience and Rally.  He earned his UDX in 16 shows, had his OM2, RE and BH.  He accumulated 50 OTCH points and was invited to the NOI.  He was a multiple High in Trial all-breed dog. He was a Champion and earned a V1 rating at our National Sieger Show.  His beautiful head is featured on the American Rottweiler Club Approved Breed Summary presented to aspiring judges as an example of what the male Rottweiler head should look like. He also had his Carting Intermediate title and TT and he was an amazing therapy dog, helping to dispel the negative image of the Rottweiler breed. 

Less than two months after losing Cole, we lost Elke.  It was sudden and devastating.  Elke also had an amazing life.  She was a Grand Champion, Group 1 winner and as a 9 year old Veteran won the Sweepstakes event at our National last year. She had her UDX, OM, P-UDX, RE and Carting Intermediate titles.  She too was a multiple high in all-breed trial dog with her most notable accomplishment being HIT at our National Specialty in 2012.  As a therapy dog at the Sunport, she met and interacted with thousands of travelers who often commented on how calmly she reacted to the hustle and bustle of the airport.  She enchanted the many children who read to her each week following which she did tricks for them.

We will miss our beautiful and loving Cole and Elke, but we are fortunate to have many wonderful memories of each to forever cherish.

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