Rottweiler Club of New Mexico

Baar's Medicine Man CDX RN CGC MXP2 MXPB MJP2 XFP CS, call name Rx, was owned and loved by Vivian and Richard Giudice and family. He had 16 double Qs in AKC agility and 624 PACH points before he started with Orthopedic issues. Born 7/29/08, and passed away on 4/22/2020.

Rx was a well-muscled male Rottweiler that had a puppy brain until he was 5 and thought he was a lap dog. He loved to back into humans for a lower back rub. He truly enjoyed attending training classes and LOVED swimming.

On of his great adventures was when he traveled to New Zealand and participated in the NZKC's obedience and agility shows.

Rx was working on his UD when he started limping due to a cruciate tear that was followed by shoulder tendinitis. An x-ray in the spring of 2020 showed probable osteosarcoma of the radius and ulna.

He was our bossy buddy and our family misses him.

He is in a study at the Comparative Genetics Lab at the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Veterinary Medicine.  Rx has been enrolled in the study on Cruciate Rupture in Rottweilers